Boom! With ‘Vredesvävd’ the trolls have finally released a new album so that they will be back with new stuff for SUMMER BREEZE 2021! We are very happy that FINNTROLL will present their new album here!

And it’s really about time, after all the last studio album is already eight years old! So, we’re even more happy that the Finnish snappers have finally hit the shelves until SUMMER BREEZE 2021 ‘Vredesvävd’, so that you can enjoy the new material live in summer 2021. Get your troll ears out of your drawers, shine your dancing shoes and put this show on your bucket list!




For Fans Of...


Midnattens Widunder - Album (1999)
Jaktens Tid - Album (2001)
Visor Om Slutet - EP (2003)
Trollhammaren - EP (2004)
Nattfödd - Album (2004)
Ur Jordens Djup - Album (2007)
Nifelvind - Album (2010)
Blodsvept - Album (2013)