We’ve known you guys for a couple of years now, and we are convinced that you’re in the mood for medieval party rock. Many bands of this style of music, who already played in Dinkelsbühl, have been mercilessly celebrated by you. So why not support a – relatively – new band of this genre? Guys, HAGGEFUGG are making their debut at the SUMMER BREEZE not in 2020, but 2022 now.

Founded in 2015, the Cologne-based band is comparably young, but can already look back on two albums and numerous live shows. The song material of the rockers is predestined for big parties and celebrations – and party-happy as you are here at the SUMMER BREEZE, it should fit like a butt on a bucket. So, check out HAGGEFUGG at their debut appearance in Dinkelsbühl!


For Fans Of...


Metgefühl - Album (2016)
Fass Zum Teufel - Album (2019)