By far the best German rock band of the past years will be in Dinkelsbühl once more: KADAVAR will come to the Nuclear Blast label night.

Within a blink of an eye, the Berliners have quickly taken their place on the throne of the German (70s) (hard) rock scene and – as it seems – will fortunately not leave it anytime soon. Although their new album ‘For The Dead Travel Fist’ turned out a bit darker than the older material, KADAVAR that just seems to fit just as well. The songs remain captivating, groovy, fragile as well as powerful, and performed with all their might- what more can you ask for? KADAVAR are a brand in their own right and we are very happy that they will enrich the Wednesday evening at the SUMMER BREEZE 2020! Take out your bell-bottoms, put on your headbands and off you go!



Kadavar - Album (2012)
Abra Kadavar - Album (2013)
Live In Antwerp - Live-Album (2014)
Berlin - Album (2015)
Rough Times - Album (2017)
For The Dead Travel Fast - Album (2019)