Misery Index

It’s been a long time since this death metal steamroller graced the SUMMER BREEZE stage, now tey finally return: MISERY INDEX!

Nine long years have passed since their latest appearance at our festival, yet the band has been anything but inactive. With their album ‘Heirs To Thievery’ and ‘The Killing Gods’ MISERY INDEX proved – not for the first time – that it’s possible to perfectly combine fast, straight and brutal death metal. So if you are into your death metal with variety, you shouldn’t miss MISERY INDEX’s show at SUMMER BREEZE 2018. We look forward to it, and we hope you do, too!



Overthrow - EP (2001)
Retaliate - Album (2003)
Dissent - EP (2004)
Discordia - Album (2006)
Hang ‘Em High - EP (2007)
Traitors - Album (2008)
Heirs To Thievery - Album (2010)
Live In Munich - Live-Album (2013)
The Killing Gods - Album (2014)

Live @ Summer Breeze