The following confirmation will appeal to all those among you who enjoy their music without prejudice: MYRKUR are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Since the beginning of her career, Danish musician and actress Amalie Bruun (Myrkur’s real name) has had to deal with all sorts of enmities as her music was just too open on all fronts. MYRKUR’s music may be rooted in black metal, but the singer has always seen beyond all boundaries, incorporating elements from folk music, psychedelia and post rock alike. As you can see, MYRKUR offer a large bandwidth – now let them convince you of their class in Dinkelsbühl. You might want to remember which jewels you have already discovered at SUMMER BREEZE, and maybe MYRKUR will soon be one of them. All lovers of Scandinavian music now what’s up anyway and will celebrate this work of art somewhere in between Chelsea Wolfe and black metal.





M - Album (2015)
Mausoleum - Live-Album (2016)
Mareridt - Album (2017)
Juniper - Album (2018)