Yes! While they have been active again sporadically most recently, they used to destroy the BREEZE back in the day. That is why we are especially happy to announce the following confirmation: NEARA are returning to Dinkelsbühl!

Who doesn’t love to be remined of NEARA laying waste to the BREEZE in 2015?! Rarely did the Grabenschlampen have more to do than during this show, where you could think that a competition in stage-diving and crowd-surfing was taking place. Of course, we hope that you will challenge the Grabenschlampen in the same way in 2020 – NEAERA will certainly do their part, because the boys on fire! And they are really looking forward to their comeback in Dinkelsbühl. And so are we… Welcome back, NEAERA!


For Fans Of...


The Rising Tide of Oblivion - Album (2005)
Let The Tempest Come - Album (2006)
Armamentarium - Album (2007)
Omnicide – Creation Unleashed - Album (2009)
Forging The Eclipse - Album (2010)
Ours Is The Storm - Album (2013)
Neaera - Album (2020)