Club 666

You are a regular patron of SUMMER BREEZE Open Air and, as such, almost belong to the festival inventory? For you, SUMMER BREEZE means a lot more than spending a fun weekend with good music? You like to save money and don’t look forward to ticket prices inevitably going up?
Then CLUB 666 is exactly what you need!
CLUB 666 offers all those interested patrons who have shown their loyalty to the festival over the past few years the possibility to enjoy a ticket price freeze for three whole years, besides many other specials!
This means, if you become a member of CLUB 666 now, you get a three-year ticket for SUMMER BREEZE 2018, 2019 and 2020 for only 297 Euros!
ONE ticket price for the next three years!
NO price increase in the next three years!
Limited to 666 members!

As a club member you get the chance at one SUMMER BREEZE of your choice in the next three years to attend the festival as a VIP guest, without paying anything extra!
CLUB 666 members will also get the chance to preorder their desired merchandise for each festival and to collect it without long waiting times. This means: never sold-out limited merchandise items ever again, you have the full choice!
As if all this wasn’t enough:
CLUB 666 members get access to exclusive CLUB 666 merchandise and can take part in numerous CLUB 666 raffles.
Each member will obviously get a personalised member cars, as well as an exclusive CLUB 666 armband and an exclusive CD including a SUMMER BREEZE song!

These are all the facts to fast-check:
Limited to 666 members!
Three-year ticket for SUMMER BREEZE 2018, 2019 and 2020 for only €297.-!
ONE ticket price for the next THREE years!
NO price increase in the next THREE years!
1X VIP guest in the next three years at no extra charge!
Personalised member card!
Preorder and collection of festival merchandise! Minimise your waiting time!
Exclusive CLUB 666 armband!
Exclusive CLUB 666 merchandise!
Exclusive CLUB 666 raffles!
Exclusive CD with SUMMER BREEZE song!