Covid in August 2022

CORONA has had a devastating impact over the last two years – not only on the events industry. We are glad to have ground under our feet again. But what is by far most important for SUMMER BREEZE are the visitors. Before Corona and all the more after Corona.

But is already really “after Corona”? In many areas “yes”, in many areas “no”. At SUMMER BREEZE, we are clear that we want to focus mainly on the areas we can really influence, that it’s back to the usual strength for all involved, back to collecting great memories and carefree days at the festival.

That’s why we want to pass on the following info on how far we will deal with the topic at SUMMER BREEZE:
– There are still a lot of people infected with Corona. Recommendation: test yourself before traveling to SUMMER BREEZE in your group if you have the chance.
– Wear a mask if you want to. Masks protect you and others. If it’s crowded, masks reduce the risk of infection.
– We do not enforce mandatory testing and masks at the festival.
– Take symptoms seriously.
– Small vials of disinfectant are easy to carry.
– If possible, test yourself on the way home.

If you feel sick on site, please contact the Bavarian Red Cross on site. The BRK (Bavarian Red Cross) locations are marked on our site plan. There you will have the possibility to test yourself and the staff will take care of you.

The crew, the artists, the fans – actually nobody can afford to be down due to a Corona infection. That’s why it helps everyone if everyone looks out for each other. It’s in all of our interests that touring crews and bands can remain able to act and stay “on the road.” In the case of cancellations and breakdowns due to Corona, everyone involved will suffer, be in financial trouble or even be driven to the brink of ruin and, and none of us wants that. We and the entire event industry have had and still have far too many cancellations.