The following items are prohibited on the entire campground and festival site and will be confiscated by security:
– glas
– baseball bats, slingshots, knuckle dusters, CS gas, pepper spray and weapons of any kind
– dry ice
– water pistols, paddling pools
– flyers, posters, promo CDs, free merchandise samples
– Self-made rivets or ornaments (with nails, barbed wire, etc.) and everything that increases the risk of accidents or may be misused as a weapon may not be brough onto the site
– Bringing and operating drones, multicopters, quadcopters and other flying objects or equipment is not allowed on the festival site and on the campsite.
– noise generating items such as air horns, megaphones, PA systems, mixing desks, amplifiers, electric guitars, drum kits, drums, trumpets, vuvuzelas and similar items (e.g. signal horns used on trains)
– axes, knives with a blade over 10cm long, carpet cutters, chainsaws, spades (incl folding spades) and any other dangerous tools (sledge hammers, claw hammers, etc.)
– pyrotechnic items, flares, explosives, ammunition, material for expeditions, safety kits with pyrotechnic items and pyrotechnic material in general
– oil lamps, flammable fluids and torches
These items will be confiscated and discarded. We reserve the right to report illegal items to the police.

– Both analog and digital compact cameras, as well as mobile phones with integrated cameras, are allowed. Reflex cameras with interchangeable objective lenses, video cameras and action cameras (GoPros, etc.), as well as any audio recording devices are prohibited on the concerta rea, except with the relevant press (photo) pass.

Confiscated items:
All items of little value that are confiscated at the doors will go straight into the rubbish bin. Items of more value can be deposited for a fee of 10€ until 14:00 Sunday afternoon from at container by the car inspection area. Any items that are not collected until this time will go in the bin, too! The organization takes no liability for confiscated objects!

Up until now, SUMMER BREEZE has not experienced any violence – and we would like it to stay that way. Anyone looking for trouble or damaging property, inside the fencing or beyond, will be kicked out! Please have the courage to interfere or inform security if someone starts trouble or harasses women.
Weapons are prohibited on the entire festival site!

It is prohibited to trade in any kind of goods.

We do understand those who wish to party at their tents, and music is a part of it. Only some people unfortunately keep overdoing this. A regular car hi-fi should be enough to listen to music at a decent volume without disturbing your neighbours. Once again we want to remind you of the nighttime peace, which we kindly ask you to observe.

Digging holes in the campsite for flagpoles or similar objects is not permitted. The owners of the fields require that no holes are left in the field. This means flagpoles which need to be anchored in the ground must not be set up. We obviously want and need to use these grounds again next year.

Unauthorized collection of returnables is not permitted on the festival site!


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