It hurts but as of today we finally have certainty: According to recently announced COVID-19 regulations by the German government, SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2020 cannot take place and has to be cancelled.

Of course we already saw this coming and being silent and keep you waiting in the past days has been incredibly hard for us but unfortunately we had to make sure that all legal requirements are met before we make it official. The cancellation of our festival is saddening and tragic but we trust the evaluation and decisions made by the authorities and experts. Even though we put month of hard work and passion into the planning of this very event we all care so much about – the health of the general public is now the top priority!

Ticketholders will receive an email with all further information about their tickets purchased for 2020 before the end of May.

Our main goal is to provide the high quality festival experience to which you are accustomed by us. Which means a weekend full of music, friendship and freedom without even noticing all the security measures and action behind the scenes.

A rescheduling of the festival has been on the table but we have come to the conclusion that a giant heavy metal party with over 40.000 fans would be irresponsible and not feasible this year. Which now more than ever means that we need your endless support. The messages that reached us so far left us stunned as we can clearly see you love SUMMER BREEZE as much as we do. We can’t wait to see the first cars pull up at the festival site in 2021!

To master the enormous task we’re facing we are once again asking for your support and your patience. We see SUMMER BREEZE as the festival of all of us. By this we mean metal fans, no matter if they are on, in front or behind the stage. We’re addressing every single band, every crew member, the cleaning staff, security, helping hands, cooks and shuttle drivers. We are in this together and we promise you to as of now go set all wheels in motion to make sure that SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2021 will be a blast! The festival will take place August 18th to 21st 2021.

Stay healthy and THANK YOU!

The SBOA Team