Dear Friends,
It’s hard to find the right words to describe how we feel right now.
But we want to try!
With dried tears of joy, we look back on a festival that we have missed so much for the last three years. We missed YOU!
Dust, dryness, wind, rain and all inconveniences we have braved together with you. You make our open air what it is. You create the unique atmosphere that the performing bands love so much about our festival. You are the ones who make the party! You are the soul of the event, the real VIPs. The MVPs!
Our thanks also go to the many helping hands, technicians, crews, security personel, merchants and cleaning crews. Without you, nothing would have worked, without you the color would have been missing.
But there were also some inconsistencies that we don’t want to complain about at our festival in the future. To get things going again, at our Shit ‘n’ Shower stations or the toilets, we had to spontaneously solve a lot of unexpected problems. We have painfully realized that staff shortages and spontaneous absences are very difficult to get a grip on. We thank you for being patient with us.
What is not an inconsistency, but a real problem are visitors who treated other visitors disrespectfully. In the future, we will take even more intensive action against them.
Please let us know what you thought of SUMMER BREEZE 2022. We will go through all feedback piece by piece and do everything to lead our festival into a great future for all of us. Together!
We hope you had a great time at our big party. Come home healthy!
You guys are the real deal!
See you next year