(Booking phase begins on Tuesday, 16.07.2024, at 18:00)

Our goals for arrival 2024:
– Reduce congestion
– Faster exchange of tickets for wristbands
– Distribute traffic volume over the entire day
– Shift the organizational effort forward in time and enable a more relaxed journey for everyone on site

Therefore: New regulation for vehicles on the early arrival day Tuesday, 13.08.2024
– Affects everyone who arrives with their own vehicle and parks on site
– Arrival with vehicle without online pre-booking not possible on Tuesday!
– Increased number of locks / accelerated processes within the locks
– New signage / Easier routes when driving onto the site
– Parking personel better briefed

We need your help:
Can your group manage with fewer vehicles at camp?

We can create new capacity together for the early arrival day on Tuesday.
We have opened up a new day parking lot for this purpose, which will be available from the early arrival day on Tuesday.

We hope for the help of our community to distribute the parking spaces within the festival area more fairly. Please make sure again how many people have to sit in each vehicle to drive onto the site on the early arrival day. Please make sure you put any surplus slots on our ticket exchange.

Our suggestion to those arriving in larger groups with many cars (especially on reserved areas):
– Determine supply vehicles that absolutely have to drive the heaviest luggage to the campsite.
– Book a slot on the day parking lot for the vehicles that do not necessarily have to be on the campsite. (Booking phase begins on Tuesday, 16.07.2024, at 18:00).
– We recommend that the vehicles driving to the day parking lot are occupied by as many people as possible. After parking in the day parking lot, walk together to your camp.
– Please offer any free slots on the ticket exchange!

Further information:
– Vehicles that are parked in the day parking lot can be parked more quickly. The problem that the vehicles lead to a general increase in traffic remains.
– 40,000 visitors to the campsite sitting two to a car = 20,000 vehicles
40,000 visitors to the campsite sitting three to a car = 13,333 vehicles
– Travel by public transport remains completely unaffected by the slot bookings.