Dear friends and fans,

what was that?! Absolute madness! In a good way.

We are tired, but could hardly be any happier. The weather gods meant it with us at least as well as the metal gods do anyway. We are blessed with the best fans you can imagine!

We know exactly why we put “We missed you!” in our thank you note after the festival last year. Because nothing is more true than that statement. For real!
This year, that feeling was confirmed once again. The wait and the exhausting preparations are worth it every time. As soon as we see the passion, the joy, the friendship and the ecstasy here on the field, our hearts warm up. We feel the teamwork, which is incredibly important behind the scenes, also on the campsite. How brilliantly you set up your camps, how conscientiously you design your home at the SUMMER BREEZE. Hats off!

We also know that it was hard to be stuck in very long traffic jams full of anticipation on early arrival day Tuesday. Your direct feedback always helps us to strive for changes. Nothing works here without your participation. The best example of this is that you are so good at disposing of garbage. That is not something that can be taken for granted.

Even though the exceptional SUMMER BREEZE 2023 is coming to an end, we want to share the following thoughts with you:
Sometimes you hug your friends goodbye and say, “We need to see each other more often!” But then how often you can make that happen is usually uncertain. But what we in the SUMMER BREEZE team want to achieve is to create a place where you can be sure to meet old and new friends. Because you have already proven for so many years that this is possible. Let’s keep it up!

You make SBOA what it is. You create the unique atmosphere that the performing bands love so much about our festival. You are the ones who make the party! You are the soul of the event, the real VIPs. The real important ones! This year we were also able to experience that the new generation of metal has a place at SUMMER BREEZE and that future generations will find a home with their friends at our festival.

Our thanks also go to the many helping hands, technicians, crews, security people, dealers and cleaning crews. Without you nothing would have been possible. Thanks also to all the journalists who report on our festival. You are also an important part of our world.

Please let us know what you thought of SUMMER BREEZE 2023. We will go through all the feedback piece by piece and do everything in our team to make our festival the highlight of the summer again next year. Together!

We hope you had a great time at our big party. Come home healthy!

You guys are the real deal!

See you next year