The Summer Breeze Festival of 1999 took a whole weekend. It was the second time, that the “metal-spectacle” took place. Ten bands from Germany came, played and knocked back a few on the festival ground in Abgtsgmünd and the crowd (approx. 1,000 people) thanked it.


On friday the local band VOODOO KISS first enterd the stage, you can call it home advantage but wat the had done was really great, immediatley followed by UNDERTOW, they are doing an unconverntial mixture of Thrash and Hardcore. As a co-main act END OF GREEN from Göppingen played their Goth Rock. And now all were looking for DARKSEED. They had big successes in germany and even Japan and came from Munich to Abtsgmünd with their 4th outcoming CD. The lightshow and their pyroshow really fascinated all the people.

Crack Up

Saturday started with MR.VADER from Aalen, who stand in short terms, they were followed by FATERED a Death-Metal act from Feuchtwangen, then came two more Death bands DAWN OF DREAMS and APOPHIS. CRACK UP ACTED as todays co-headliner who is one of the best german Death bands at the time. The highlight was the band NIGHT IN GALES who came together with CRACK UP from Ruhr.