Rotes Kreuz

Festival ABC


*This post may contain information that needs to be updated in 2024. Please check our ABC again with enough advance to the festival. Should the updates be fundamental, we will of course report on this in more detail in our news section.*

The main first aid center is located next to the entrance gate to the campground.
Other smaller first aid stations can be found in the western Green Camping area at the Shit ‘n’ Shower Station 1.1, as well as in the eastern camping area in the area L.

Additionally, the Malteser Hilfsdienst is patrolling with mobile squads and vehicles on the camping area.
The locations of Malteser Hilfsdienst are marked on the festival map.
In the main first aid center there are refrigerators available where you can store your medication during the festival days.

In case of emergency, please contact our staff (e.g. at every Shit ‘n’ Shower station). Due to the equipment of the employees with radios, first aid can then be requested directly.

The festival hotline is 07366/920010.


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