By entering the festival site, all attendees agree to be filmed or recorded and that this material may be published at a later time.


There will be enough parking and camping space available. You may park your car right next to your tent. Camping is not permitted without the purchase of a festival ticket. Therefore, please make use of the official parking and camping areas.
The daily parking area can be found just across the street of the campsite entrance. You may also park your car in that area while camping on the campsite separately, but wish to make sure you can move your car at any time.
Only vehicles with a weight not exceeding 3.5 tons will have access to the campground. This also applies to caravans and mobile homes. Trailers which can only be towed by a tractor or lorry will not be allowed on the campsite. The same goes for tractors and generally all motorized two wheel vehicles as well as quad bikes, trikes are allowed.

Trailers and campers shall not bring gas cylinders exceeding 11kg. Please make sure your equipment is in good working condition and that you use it in an appropriate way. Any misuse may have fatal consequences. We believe this needs no further explanation.

If you plan on taking a generator with you onto the site, please make sure it is in good working condition and that it is not leaking oil or fuel. A maximum of 20 litres of fuel in an appropriate canister are allowed per vehicle. We trust you will handle this matter in an appropriate way and that it needs no further explanation or discussion. From 1 a.m., all aggregates need to be turned off for nighttime peace.

Camping outside the official camping area is prohibited. Doing so will be fined!


Unfortunately our festival – like most big events – is not immune to pickpockets and thieves. Most of the times it is organised gangs trying to pick your wallets in the crowd in front of the stages. Therefore please make sure your wallets as well as any other belongings are kept safe. Furthermore, please do not leave any valuables or car keys in your tent and make sure to keep your cars and tents locked when leaving. Please also be careful at night, because the thieves are getting more and more audacious. At other festivals they have robbed people by cutting their tents open while they slept.
Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly security personnel in case you see suspicious activity!


On the three main festival days, Thursday to Saturday, you can access the concert area from 10:00. Bands start playing at 11:00 every day.
On the Warm-up Wednesday the first band starts playing at 14:00 and the concert area can be accessed from 12:00.
At the entrance there will be security checks, so please make sure you only bring drinks in the allowed containers and quantities (a transparent PET bottle of up to 0.5 litres per person or the 0.4 litre SUMMER BREEZE cup) and only the permitted photo cameras (see the item CAMERAS).
Unfortunately all prohibited items must be confiscated and discarded.
Other items NOT allowed in the concert area include:
All kinds of weapons and knives (including clasp knives), all kinds of glass, film cameras and audio recording equipment, selfie sticks, flagpoles and staffs, as well as all kinds of pyrotechnic items, gas horns, musical instruments and similar.


Unfortunately, some of the festival visitors’ careless behaviour forces us to strictly prohibit any glass on the festival site and on the camping grounds. We will strictly check each car entering the site. Our security will also check the camping grounds during the festival days. Please have understanding and avoid bringing any kind of glass containers.
This includes all food and drink containers made of glass, regardless of the use they are given (e.g. tobacco in a preserving jar). Due to the high accident and fire hazard, oil (kerosene/paraffin) lamps are prohibited too! Perfume flacons, medicine bottles and shishas are allowed.
Best thing to do is to pour all liquids into plastic containers. Please take this issue seriously – otherwise we will face massive problems in getting access to appropriate camping grounds in the future!


Music and party on the campground are essential parts of the festival, but please be reasonable and respect your neighbors. We´d like to remind you to shut down your generators at 1AM to reduce the noise.


Racism will not be tolerated! Hereby we once again would like to state we are strictly against any form of right-wing philosophy or racism. We also count on your help: if you come across anything, please inform us immediately! Either approach security or go to the info point on site.


If, in a worst-case scenario, there should be extreme weather, security personnel’s instructions must be followed UNCONDITIONALLY. Every measure taken in such case is for your own safety! Especially in case of severe weather or storm, we reserve the right to change the arrival and parking process as needed. This is meant to guarantee a smooth flow of traffic. In case it is necessary to clear the infield, we urge you to follow the instructions of the security personnel and emergency services. Please also mind the announcements through the PA, as well as police, fire brigade and emergency service announcements. In case the infield needs to be cleared, stay calm and get in your cars, where it is usually the safest. Please note: The Party Tent is NOT an appropriate shelter and will be cleared as well. In the unlikely case of evacuation, the whole site (this is, including the campsite) has to be cleared. Please follow the instructions of the security personnel and the emergency services in this case, too, and mind the announcements in German and English. Once again: Every measure taken in such case is for your own safety!


Despite all the fun and party, some people have a hard time adhering to the rules at SUMMER BREEZE. In the interest of your own safety, this year we will introduce the YELLOW CARD, in order to issue a warning to those who put themselves or others in danger, cause damage to property or misbehave in any other way.
Upon any misconduct, our security personnel will issue a polite verbal warning first, but may follow it up with a YELLOW CARD. In this case, the festival bracelet will be removed from the wrist of the person under warning and replaced with a yellow bracelet for 24 hours. This means the person under warning will have no access to the concert area for 24 hours, but may stay on the campsite. After 24 hours the yellow bracelet may be exchanged for a regular festival bracelet at the security office, and access to the concert area will be granted again.
When the security personnel remove a bracelet, our team will receive a message with the name of the person under warning, along with the reason and time of their wrongdoing, so you don’t have to be afraid of any arbitrariness.
However, we reserve the right to pull the RED CARD immediately and issue an expulsion upon grave misconduct.


The following items are prohibited on the entire campground and festival site and will be confiscated by security:
– glas
– baseball bats, slingshots, knuckle dusters, CS gas, pepper spray and weapons of any kind
– dry ice
– water pistols, paddling pools
– flyers, posters, promo CDs, free merchandise samples
– Self-made rivets or ornaments (with nails, barbed wire, etc.) and everything that increases the risk of accidents or may be misused as a weapon may not be brough onto the site
– Bringing and operating drones, multicopters, quadcopters and other flying objects or equipment is not allowed on the festival site and on the campsite.
– noise generating items such as air horns, megaphones, PA systems, mixing desks, amplifiers, electric guitars, drum kits, drums, trumpets, vuvuzelas and similar items (e.g. signal horns used on trains)
– axes, knives with a blade over 10cm long, carpet cutters, chainsaws, spades (incl folding spades) and any other dangerous tools (sledge hammers, claw hammers, etc.)
– pyrotechnic items, flares, explosives, ammunition, material for expeditions, safety kits with pyrotechnic items and pyrotechnic material in general
– oil lamps, flammable fluids and torches
These items will be confiscated and discarded. We reserve the right to report illegal items to the police.

– Both analog and digital compact cameras, as well as mobile phones with integrated cameras, are allowed. Reflex cameras with interchangeable objective lenses, video cameras and action cameras (GoPros, etc.), as well as any audio recording devices are prohibited on the concerta rea, except with the relevant press (photo) pass.

Confiscated items:
All items of little value that are confiscated at the doors will go straight into the rubbish bin. Items of more value can be deposited for a fee of 10€ until 14:00 Sunday afternoon from at container by the car inspection area. Any items that are not collected until this time will go in the bin, too! The organization takes no liability for confiscated objects!

Up until now, SUMMER BREEZE has not experienced any violence – and we would like it to stay that way. Anyone looking for trouble or damaging property, inside the fencing or beyond, will be kicked out! Please have the courage to interfere or inform security if someone starts trouble or harasses women.
Weapons are prohibited on the entire festival site!

It is prohibited to trade in any kind of goods.

We do understand those who wish to party at their tents, and music is a part of it. Only some people unfortunately keep overdoing this. A regular car hi-fi should be enough to listen to music at a decent volume without disturbing your neighbours. Once again we want to remind you of the nighttime peace, which we kindly ask you to observe.

Digging holes in the campsite for flagpoles or similar objects is not permitted. The owners of the fields require that no holes are left in the field. This means flagpoles which need to be anchored in the ground must not be set up. We obviously want and need to use these grounds again next year.

Unauthorized collection of returnables is not permitted on the festival site!


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