February’s going to be hot and August even hotter! ACRACNIUS will drop their new album ‘Mercy Denied’ in February and will pay us a visit in August for their second show in Dinkelsbühl!

As one would expect, all brutal death- and slam-fans are getting hyped up since the first impressions of the new songs are painting the picture of a merciless steamroller. In 2018 you already had the chance to witness how the Rostockers bulldozed DKB with their unbelievable brutality put on stage. Buckle up, because ACRANIUS will kick your asses in August once more!


For Fans Of...


The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest - EP (2011)
When Mutation Becomes Homicidal - Album (2013)
Dishonor - Album (2014)
Reign Of Terror - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze