Arch Enemy

Vehemently demanded by all of you and MASSIVELY successful during their last Dinkelsbühl appearance, we are stoked we can now announce the return of ARCH ENEMY!

Due to their outstanding guitar work, the melodic death metal band were already something special in their demo days, but have climbed to the top liga of the metal scene in recent years. Originally hailing from Halmstad, the long hard years on the road have finally paid off for ARCH ENEMY, and rightfully so! Nowadays there’s no way around Michael Amott and Co., and even though their songs became a bit more modern over the years, the band are still true to their roots. The mixture of honest metal elements, classic harmonies and a massive death metal attack appeal to fans young and old, resulting in classic heavy metal fans and death metal lunatics banging away arm in arm. After earning some fantastic crowd reactions at their last Dinkelsbühl appearance, you know what to do at the ARCH ENEMY show in the summer 2018: go crazy and party with no end! The band will thank you with a fulminant show! This! Will! Rule! Promised!



Black Earth - Album (1996)
Stigmata - Album (1998)
Burning Bridges - Album (1999)
Burning Japan Live 1999 - Live-Album (2000)
Wages Of Sin - Album (2001)
Burning Angel - EP (2002)
Anthems Of Rebellion - Album (2003)
Dead Eyes See No Future - EP (2004)
Doomsday Machine - Album (2005)
Live Apocalypse - DVD (2006)
Revolution Begins - EP (2007)
Rise Of The Tyrant - Album (2007)
Tyrants Of The Rising Sun: Live In Japan - DVD (2008)
Tyrants Of The Rising Sun: Live In Japan - Live-Album (2008)
The Root Of All Evil - Album (2009)
Manifesto Of Arch Enemy - Compilation (2009)
Khaos Legions - Album (2011)
War Eternal - Album (2014)
Will To Power - Album (2017)