Deathcore is certainly not the most demure genre metal has to offer. But, even within this scene, CARNIFEX are among the most brutal exponents of their style.

The California natives destroy absolutely everything, down to the very ground. It seems like they renounce any unnecessary musical ballast and have only one aim: To Kill! Is it maybe because the band have opened to core-less death metal over the years? Or do the subliminal melodic parts contribute to the songs’ heavier parts to crush even more than before? Questions upon questions, for which CARNIFEX have only one answer: An ultra brutal kick in the face! You better make an appointment with your dentist! You will surely need it after this gig at SUMMER BREEZE 2018!




Love Lies In Ashes - EP (2006)
Dead In My Arms - Album (2007)
The Diseased And The Poisoned - Album (2008)
Hell Chose Me - Album (2010)
Until I Feel Nothing - Album (2011)
Die Without Hope - Album (2014)
Slow Death - Album (2016)