Dark Funeral

Seven long years have passed since the last SUMMER BREEZE appearance of this Swedish Black Metal band. So obviously, it was about time to invite DARK FUNERAL back to Dinkelsbühl.

While there certainly was a time where you felt the Swedes were around every corner, this has changed over the past few years and so we are especially happy to welcome Lord Ahriman and his men to Dinkelsbühl in August 2020. And who knows, maybe by summer the Swedes will have one or two new songs in their luggage– it’s high time. Otherwise there’s going to be the full “best of slaughter plate” – the fans will be satisfied, one way or the other.


Dark Funeral - EP (1994)
The Secrets Of The Black Arts - Album (1996)
Vobiscum Satanas - Album (1998)
In The Sign… - EP (2000)
Teach The Children To Worship Satan - EP (2000)
Diabolis Interium - Album (2001)
De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine - Live-Album (2004)
Attera Totus Sanctus - Album (2005)
Attera Orbis Terrarum Part I - DVD (2007)
Attera Orbis Terrarum Part II - DVD (2008)
Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus - Album (2009)