Emil Bulls

Almost considered a local monument, the next band confirmation is at SUMMER BREEZE. Of course, we are talking about the EMIL BULLS, who are stopping by in 2022 for a fleeting visit!

The local heroes – okay, Munich, almost local – have a great standing with you and are in your good books. This is not surprising, after all, the BULLS have convinced at every single one of their appearances in DKB and will do so again in 2022. After the EMIL BULLS show you will see sweaty, but happy and joyful faces everywhere, in front of and on stage. And so, it shall be. Welcome back, EMIL!


For Fans Of...


Monogamy - Album (2000)
Angel Delivery Service - Album (2001)
Porcelain - Album (2003)
Mood, Blood And Beer - DVD (2003)
The Southern Comfort - Album (2005)
The Life Acoustic - Live-Album (2006)
The Black Path - Album (2008)
Phoenix - Album (2009)
The Feast - DVD (2010)
Oceanic - Album (2011)
Sacrifice To Venus - Album (2014)
XX - Album (2016)
Kill Your Demons - Album (2017)
Mixtape - Album (2019)