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  1. Summer Breeze 2005
  2. Friday, August 19th
  3. Saturday, August 20th
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NORTHER (FIN) 16.45 - 17.25 PS

You might have recognized the blonde youngster playing guitar and singing. He played the “BREEZE” last year already. ENSIFERUM the band is called you saw him play in. Meanwhile they clearly dissociated from their CHILDREN OF BODOM parallels and showed a superb performance. Starting off with “Blackhearted” they also tuned in speed bombs the SLAYER – way. Quite contraire to the endless guitar solos and epic keyboards leads which created an interesting atmosphere. Not to mention the double bass attacks and screams and shouts. Most of the girls might have enjoyed the topless musicians even more than the music. But hey, we are all just human.

Setlist: 1. Blackhearted 2. Deep Inside 3. Day O 4. Midnight Walker 5. Cry 6. Hellhole 7. You Don’t know Shit 8. Unleash Hell 9. Death unlimited

WINTERSUN (FIN) 00.15 - 01.00 PS

The crowd couldn’t wait for WINTERSUN to start their show. Jari Mäenpää got fired from his ex band ENSIFERUM quite some time ago but luckily couldn’t let go so he decided to stick around and found this new band. The self titled debut album saw positive reactions from both, fans and media. Apart from the drums he did all instruments himself which is impossible to do on stage, of course. So he gathered some really good people around him with a high technical demand. Especially the drummer plays fast and precisely in a way you wouldn’t find too often. The tight performance excited everybody watching it. As they played in time nobody had to switch off the power and so they could finish a normal way and an outroduction ended both, this set and the festival – Friday.

Setlist: Intro 1. Beyond The Dark Sun 2. Battle Against Time 3. Sleeping Stars 4. Beautiful Death 5. Death And The Healing 6. Starchild 7. Winter Madness Outro

IN EXTREMO 22.55 - 0.10 MS

Third time at SUMMER BREEZE you can call them a part of it. And everytime the set up on stage got bigger and bigger. The gallow which was set on fire later that show is a classic meanwhile and there were many other things to watch. While others keep talking about pyros IN EXTREMO just do it. Nearly every song was guided by an effect. Fire walls of 3 meters height. The drummer played with burning sticks and cymbals. And also the back drop was the biggest on this year’s festival. Again it was amazing to listen to the fusion of medieval instruments (of which many are hand made by the musicians themselves) and heavy metal power. The track “Vollmond” was introduced by a harp and later on that song it began to rain gold flakes, just beautiful. And a young girl’s dream became reality when the singer got her up on stage to sing a romantic ballad just for her. A real headliner, they rocked the house indeed.

Setlist: 1. Erdbeermund 2. Hiamali Tempore 3. Krumma Visur 4. Omnia Sol 5. Horizont 6. Wesserbronner 7. Wind 8. Vollmond 9. Spielmannsfluch 10. Mein rasend Herz 11. Gier 12. Poc Vecem 13. Nur Ihr allein 14. Nymphenzeit 15. Spielmann 16. Villeman Og Magnhild

THE EXPLOITED (UK) 22.00 - 22.50 PS

Punk’s not dead. Wattie still keeps trying to fuck the system. As this system gives him the chance to play live and live the way he does I assume he doesn’t mean it too serious. But he is also still full of power and many bands who are said to be powerful could take this set as a lesson to learn. And Wattie is not 19 anymore but you couldn’t tell by watching him. Mean statements and spitting on stage (maybe he had a bad flue?) more than rain fell down the entire day are just two reasons to keep your eyes on the stage. Totally different to OPETH they played 20 songs in 50 minutes. Only the RAMONES could do more. Performing “Fuck The System” saw DESTRUCTION’S Schmier singing along with Wattie. A fan who for any reason had a chance to get on stage tried to do so as well. But Wattie pushed him down into the photo pit. Very rude indeed. A softer treatment would have been more appropriate. But being in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause problems like this. The guy shoud’ve known better. Even in 2005 punk can still be dangerous, no doubt.

Setlist: 1. Lets start a War 2. Massacre 3. Dogs of War 4. Noiz Anoiz 5. UK 82 6. Chaos is my Life 7. Alternative 8. Dead Cities 9. Lie to you 10. Troops 11. Never sell out 12. Rival Leaders 13. Fuckin Bastards 14. Anarchy 15. Holidays 16. U.S.A. 17. Fuck the System 18. Beat the Bastards 19. Porno Slut 20. Army Life

OPETH (SWE) 20.55 - 21.55 MS

The secret headliner of the day. The Swedes did not play Germany too often though their fan base constantly grew bigger and bigger. The unique mix of death metal and folk and psychedelic hard rock wasn’t reason enough for big mosh pits but still interesting enough to concentrate on. Astonished faces all over the place. The band was creating an own atmosphere you couldn’t escape. Epic arrangements, tricky rhythms, exciting singing, catchy melodies and a wide musical variety the set was all about. OPETH are living in their very own musical world everybody who paid attention was fascinated by. 60 minutes and 5 songs. What else to say? “The Great Conjuration” was the only track of the new album “Ghost Reverie” which is due to be released soon.

Setlist: 1. Drapery Falls 2. Deliverance 3. To Rid The Desease 4. The Grand Conjuration 5. Demon Of The Fall

ATROCITY 20.05 - 20.50 PS

Lucky lads they were as they are living just around the corner from the festival. So they could stay at home and sleep the longest that morning. An orchestral introduction made the people pay attention when Alex Krull and his band mates entered the stage. Starting off with a surprisingly heavy track Alex’ girl friend Liv Kristine appeared to do the background vocals. Climbing up on stage with high heels like that was probably the worst job she had to do. But she did well. And the vocal part was well done, too. Next track was mid tempo and had a catchy chorus. Statements such as “Fuck god, fuck Christ, fuck allah” made him bring beer into a pub. But he probably couldn’t think of anything better to introduce the next song “The Gods Of Nations”. The visual was interesting as everybody on stage (well, the musicians) were all dressed up in black (what’s new?) and wore boots up to their knees. The drummer was the only drummer on that festival playing an e-drum kit. Another track from the Atlantis album blew out of the speakers. Again topped up by Liv’s beautiful voice. The CAMOUFLAGE cover “The Great Commandement” came next and was off the Werk 80 album. The “Blut” album’s title track was an even bigger step back in history. You may or may not like this stuff but Alex and his boys are around for a long time and they did well. As a matter of fact.

Setlist: Intro 1. Reich Of Phenomenon 2. Gods Of Nation 3. Enigma 4. The Great Commandment 5. B.L.U.T. 6. Apocalypse 7. Cold Black Days 8. Shout


The guys from Sweden were probably on of the bands most of the people were looking forward to. And the huge crowd gathering in front of the main stage proved. So they got what they deserved, melodic death metal at its very best. 50 minutes to give a full overview of what DARK TRANQUILITY did so far. The set contained mainly old stuff so only 4 tracks from the new album were played. Mainly the hard stuff was considered but in this case it still means catchy melodies. The stage performance was actively and entertaining. So erverybody was enjoying the show, fans and band equally.

Setlist: 1. The Treason Wall 2. Lost To Apathy 3. Smudged Lenses 4. White Noise Black Silence 5. The New Build 6. The Wonders At Your Feet 7. Monochromatic Stains 8. Punish My Heaven 9. Thereln 10. My Negation 11. Final Resistance

More info about Dark Tranquillity

BEHEMOTH (PL) 18.20 - 19.05 PS

Not just in the north but also in Poland there is dark places. It’s quite certain BEHEMOTH are from such a place. Being one of the early bands of the black metal movement they can look back on seven albums now. Among others this is one of the reasons why so many people walked up to see them play live. On stage the band created an evil atmosphere. In full war paint and in front of cool back drops the band showed up. Corpse paint, leather, spikes, war boots – just as they were coming directly from hell which they were raising right from the start. High speed black metal with mid tempo elements which were obviously MORBID ANGEL influenced. Technically perfect it still was not too clean. Dirty and ice cold and most of all, evil! Fronter Nergal really took hold of the crowd and made clear he came to conquer. From his fan’s point of view he certainly did.

Setlist: 1. Sculpting the Throne of Seth 2. Demigod 3. Antichristian Phenomenon 4. From The Pagan Wastelands 5. Conquer All 6. Christians to the Lions 7. Decade of Therion 8. As Above 9. Chant For Eskaton

More info about Behemoth


A view on stage might have caused a bit of confusion. Drum and keyboard riser each on the very right and left side of the stage. Backdrops with the image of the latest album “Samurai” just next to them. And right in the middle where all the previously mentioned should be there was just nothing. But during the show it became quite clear why it was like that. Playing the fifth song a huge inflatable castle to jump upon was put right in that space in the centre. Normally a nice toy for kids fans were welcome on stage to jump around. These “Apocalyptic Horsemen” (that’s what the band name means in English) are always good for a surprise. After two thirds of the set they went off stage just to come back immediately to fulfil. Doing cover versions of classic german “Schlager” which do not make any sense to non germans at all as well as the strange visual and the very unique sense of humour made the crowd go wild again. Of course they couldn’t play all of their hits but it was amazing even though. Well, a german thing!

Setlist: Intro 1. Seid willkommen 2. Wahnsinn 3. Iron Fist 4. Reitermania 5. Du kleiner Wicht 6. Komm 7. Die Sonne scheint 8. Drums 9. Sehnsucht-Schuhe 10. Unter der Asche 11. We will never die 12. Dschingis-Kahn 13. Vier Reiter stehen bereit 14. Terra nola

POWERWOLF (ROM) 11.00 - 11.30 MS

Howling wolfes early in the morning. Doc Attila Dorn with his blood red cape was in the bad position to open up this Friday. But he did well obviously as the few fans were cooperating right from the first tune. “Mister Sinister” was the official wake up call and the Doc was charming and entertaining and made the time between the songs a part of the tracks. It might have been a bit too early for his effort to make the fans howl like wolfes. But at least he tried. A tight set they delivered and the missing bassist was of no further notice for the fans. Musically they showed what kind of music they seem to like. A bit of MANOWAR, to name just one obvious influence, a slice of power metal and a handful of hard rock, that’s what these boys are all about. Just great. Bit of a shame they had to perform that early. But somebody has to, right?

Setlist: Intro 1. Mr. Sinster 2. We came to take your Souls 3. Kiss Of The Cobra King 4. Demons & Diamonds 5. Montecore 6. Lucifer in Starlight

EMIL BULLS 15.55 - 16.40 MS

The BULLS decided to continue without DJ Zamzoe just recently as he will endorse their sound in the studio only from now on. As he wasn’t replaced his sound got played back. But that didn’t make a bad impression. After the cool introduction (MANOWAR’s “High and mighty alone we are kings…”) they opened up with current album’s opener “Revenge”. Not being a typical Summer Breeze band they used three guitars and proved to have metal roots. It was right in the middle of their set when heaven started to cry. By that time you could still call it refreshing. Closing down with MEGADETH’ “Symphonies Of Destruction” (the metal roots, remember?) and their own track “Leaving You With This” they disappeared and left a happy audience which started to get wet.

Setlist: Intro 1. Revenge 2. Mirror Me 3. Cocoon 4. Porcelain 5. Ignorance Is Bliss 6. Mongoose 7. Magnificent Lies 8. Symphony of Destruction 9. Leaving You With This

SKINDRED (UK) 15.15 - 15.50 PS

Those who were looking for a wider variety of metal, for something a little bit different got fully satisfied by SKINDRED. The Brits around ex – DUBWAR frontman Benji delivered a highly explosive brew of nu metal, industrial, crossover and reggae. Phat grooves were added by electronic tricks and samples. Sometimes harder, sometimes more melodic, sometimes heavier. You name it, it was there. Black skinned Benji created a positive atmosphere not just because of his jokes such as “I am the only real black metal”. He kept pushing the audience. He nearly forced them to react and they greatefully did. The set was tight. No wonder after 18 months on US roads with KORN and SEVENDUST. A bit wacky but interesting to see.

Setlist: 1. Babylon 2. Start first 3. Firing the Love 4. Set it off 5. Pressure 6. World Domination 7. Nobody 8. Bruises

KRISIUN (BRA) 14.35 - 15.10 MS

Brazil’s three – man metal tank kicked hard. Been there, done that? No way, man. These guy’s main target was to destroy bloody everything. Brutality as such we have seen often enough. But his was top of the heap. Fans of american death metal probably liked it a lot. I’d say it’s hardly possible to play faster. These growls and the brain twisting guitars set free a power which scared everybody watching this. Guess that was the reason for a bigger bunch of fans to gather for the first time today.

NOCTE OBDUCTA 13.55 - 14.30 PS

Being black metal on one hand they are not on the other. Using parts which are non black metal makes them sound different to the rest of the black metal community. A bit of doom metal here and german lyrics there. So the introduction was rather a statement: “I am fed up with your shows and rituals!” No make up and Stratocasters to be played. They wanted to be different and they were different. The audience appreciated it!

Setlist: Intro 1. Anis 2. Galgendämmerung 3. Glückliche Kinder 4. Taverne 5. Es fließe Blut 6. Operation: Traumreise 7. Solange Euer Fleisch noch warm ist

KORODED 13.20 - 13.50 MS

Go to the show, have a good time and party all night. But make sure to get up early the day after because you could miss something really big. And who ever couldn’t make it to the festival site by that time: bad luck, mate! KORODED played the SUMMER BREEZE the second time and they bloody rocked. These Germans hit the crowd right from the beginning and excitement among the fans grew from track to track infected by their modern sounding metal. Photographers in front of the stage did have their problems to get a pic of frontman Jan as he was running wild. Despite songs from their current album “The Absurd Beauty Of Being Alone” also three brand new killer were played. Mentioning these, these hammers were even harder than what the band did previously. A perfect appetizer which made everyone looking forward to the new record coming out in spring.

Setlist: 1. Blowback 2. Unbreakable 3. Epigone 4. Modern Age 5. T.A.B.O.B.A. 6. Scaretrade 7. Crisis

ABORTED (B) 12.45 - 13.15 PS

Not playing Germany too often Belgium’s ABORTED hit the stage. An ear candy for friends of the extreme. Grindcore and death metal being a cuple. Hyperfast blast beats only to be interrupted by cool grooves. All topped by extreme growls and mean screams from the grave. Being the first band this year to suffer from a bad sound ABORTED did not care and moved on just like this.

Setlist: 1. Dead Wreckoning 2. Meticulous Invagination 3. Gestated Rabidity 4. Sanguine Verses (…of Extirpation) 5. The Inertia 6. The Saw & The Carnage Done 7. A Cold Logistic Slaughter 8. The Gangrenous Epitaph

More info about Aborted

KORPIKLAANI (FIN) 12.10 - 12.40 MS

A colourfull bunch of people this band is. A set of antlers on the micro and a bassist playing barefoot. And as multiple is the sound they are playing. Of course the humpa elements, well known from oh so many finish bands. Next song makes you want to do square dance. Scandinavian folk to follow up and Indian singing in the next tune. Well, who dares wins. And the audience seemed to like it. All the previously mentioned made it an atmosphere as if this was the last band to play that day. Awesome!

Setlist: 1. Journey Man 2. Hunting Song 3. Spirit Of The Forest 4. Pine Woods 5. Wooden Pints 6. Cottages And Saunas 7. Pellonpekko 8. Beer Beer

More info about Korpiklaani

MAROON 11.35 - 12.05 Uhr PS

Though they played as the second band that day it seemed to be too early fort he MAROON boys. Believing to be in Austria they started the show. Austria is not too far away so who cares? There were quite some people dressed up with MAROON shirts in front of the stage already. Reason enough for them to fire up their death metal/hardcore mix. By now everybody on the festival site should have been woken up. Freakin out on stage they played tight as a dog’s arse. Those who were clever enough to get up early that day experienced a festival highlight before lunch already. The early wurm… !

Setlist: 1. Endorsed By Hate 2. Watch it all come down 3. Shadow 4. Worlds Havoc 5. Goetterdaemmerung 6. At The Gates of Demise 7. Stillborn