Holy hell! It has been six years since the last album of this thrash metal institution was released. Naturally, and especially after the end of Slayer, it’s a great thing that EXODUS have finally been active in the studio again and that they’ve released new material with ‘Persona Non Grata’ just in time for their performance at the Nuclear Blast label night! But even if only one or the other new song is played at their show in Dinkelsbühl on Wednesday, the EXODUS performance won’t leave disappointed fans behind. After all, Zetro, Hunting and Co. haven’t lost a shred of aggression or power over all these years! ‘The Bay Area Strikes Back’-Tour having been their last live show, you will now have the opportunity to experience them in a smaller ‘Bay Area’-bundle in combination with Testament. Don’t miss this!



Bonded By Blood - Album (1985)
Pleasures Of The Flesh - Album (1987)
Fabulous Disaster - Album (1989)
Objection Overruled - EP (1990)
Impact Is Imminent - Album (1990)
Good Friendly Violent Fun - Live-Album (1991)
Lessons In Violence - Compilation (1992)
Force Of Habit - Album (1992)
Another Lesson In Violence - Live-Album (1997)
Tempo Of The Damned - Album (2004)
Shovel Headed Kill Machine - Album (2005)
The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A - Album (2007)
Double Live Dynamo - DVD (2007)
Let There Be Blood - Album (2008)
Exhibit B: The Human Condition - Album (2010)
Shovel Headed Tour Machine - DVD (2010)
Blood In Blood Out - Album (2014)