Grindcore! Fun! Toilet brushes! Toilet paper! We really shouldn’t need to write anything else about our next confirmation, GUTALAX!

The Czech know how to pimp up a gore’n’roll show with a cool stage production. Just have enough toilet brushes and paper with you, erm… The band’s crushing porn grind obviously also convinces on its own, but you know the drill: This music doesn’t really get entertaining until you get something wild to see on stage. And that’s the case with GUTALAX. So the M.O. is: Leave your brain at the door, get a few fun drinks in you, toilet brush in hand, march down to the GUTALAX gig and have some fun! Even prog metal fans should get this right, huh!?



Shit Beast - Album (2011)
Shit Happens! - Album (2015)

Live @ Summer Breeze