Infected Rain

A few years back, the Moldavians had already been guests at the SUMMER BREEZE, but ever since, and step by step, they have played their way up the career ladder through relentless touring. We are talking about INFECTED RAIN.

Since it couldn’t happen in 2020 and ‘21, the Modern Metal band will be back in 2022 in Dinkelsbühl again and demonstrate impressively that the last years have not gone by without a trace of it. The numerous concerts were accompanied by a massive growth of experience on which the band can look back on nowadays. As a convincing live act, INFECTED RAIN are still doing well today in providing the necessary framework for the performance of Lena Scissorhands. The frontwoman varies between screams, melodic clear vocals and deep growls and continues to skillfully present herself on stage. If you want to experience five bundles of energy live on stage, you should highlight the show of INFECTED RAIN on your running order.


For Fans Of...


Judgemental Trap - EP (2009)
Asylum - Album (2011)
Embrace Eternity - Album (2014)
86 - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze