Northern hyperblast over Dinkelsbühl! KATAKLYSM will do the honours at SUMMER BREEZE 2018!

The Francocanadian death metal quartet has long seen Germany as their second home, and the fans’ passion for KATAKLYSM has always been a strong reason for the band to visit the old world regularly. And this passion is what KATAKLYSM also encounter at each of their appearances in Dinkelsbühl, so Maurizio and Co. can hardly wait to lay waste to the stage in Dinkelsbühl. The marching orders should be clear: in your face – no compromise! The perfect mix of aggressive and melodic music makes it possible…



Sorcery - Album (1995)
Temple Of Knowledge (Kataklysm Part III) - Album (1996)
Northern Hyperblast Live - Live-Album (1998)
Victims Of This Fallen World - Album (1998)
The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate) - Album (2000)
Epic: The Poetry Of War - Album (2001)
Shadows & Dust - Album (2002)
Serenity In Fire - Album (2004)
Northern Hyperblast / Victims Of This Fallen World - Compilation (2004)
In the Arms Of Devastation - Album (2006)
Live In Deutschland - The Devastation Begins - Album (2006)
Prevail - Album (2008)
Heaven's Venom - Album (2010)
Iron Will: 20 Years Determined - DVD (2012)
Waiting For The End To Come - Album (2013)
Of Gods And Ghosts - Album (2015)