Lord Of The Lost

The following confirmation can’t complain about the gain of new fans at the moment. Reason enough to bring the Dark Metal crew to Dinkelsbühl again: LORD OF THE LOST!

They are climbing the ladder of success in gigantic steps, having already mastered a major test: having played several times as support act for Iron Maiden! And success in the national charts is also commonplace with LORD OF THE LOST. You can be curious when they will be at the top of the BREEZE podium, as the base has been built. With their gig next summer LORD OF THE LOST will take another leap and we are sure that they will do it in front of a big and enthusiastic crowd in Dinkelsbühl! You know what to do!



Fears - Album (2010)
Antagony - Album (2011)
Die Tomorrow - Album (2012)
We Give Our Hearts (Live Auf St.Pauli) - Live-Album (2013)
From The Flame Into The Fire - Album (2014)
Full Metal Whore - EP (2015)
Swan Songs - Album (2015)
A Night To Remember - DVD (2015)
Empyrean - Album (2016)
Swan Songs II - Album (2017)
Thornstar - Album (2018)