Lord Of The Lost

Dark rock with a lot of power is what LORD OF THE LOST, our newest confirmation, are bringing to SUMMER BREEZE 2019.

By now the Hamburg netives count among the most successful bands in the German dark rock scene, and deservedly so. Even though their compositions are catchy and danceable at all times, they never lack the necessary darkness. Everything is crowned by Chris Harms’ charismatic voice, who knows how to excel in a live situation too. Look forward to a gripping show by LORD OF THE LOST at SUMMER BREEZE 2019, and start polishing your dancing shoes. You will definitely need them!



Fears - Album (2010)
Antagony - Album (2011)
Die Tomorrow - Album (2012)
We Give Our Hearts (Live Auf St.Pauli) - Live-Album (2013)
From The Flame Into The Fire - Album (2014)
Full Metal Whore - EP (2015)
Swan Songs - Album (2015)
A Night To Remember - DVD (2015)
Empyrean - Album (2016)
Swan Songs II - Album (2017)
Thornstar - Album (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze