A small zombie apocalypse will take over Dinkelsbühl in August – Finnish heavy metallers Lordi will be our guests at SUMMER BREEZE 2019.

The band, made up of monsters and zombies, is another one that will have their SUMMER BREEZE debut in 2019. They were always on our to-do list, yet somehow it never worked out. That’s why we’re all the more stoked to finally be able to present you these Finnish hard rockers with a well-balanced program in Dinkelsbühl. Look forward to the band’s numerous world hits, as well as new material that is right on a par with their biggest songs. And who knows, perhaps the Finns will even bring their Lordi Cola or Lordi Candy to Dinkelsbühl – we shall see…





Get Heavy - Album (2002)
The Monster Show - Compilation (2004)
The Monsterican Dream - Album (2004)
The Arockalypse - Album (2006)
Bringing Back the Balls to Stockholm: The Opening Night - DVD (2007)
Deadache - Album (2008)
Zombilation - Greatest Cuts - Compilation (2009)
Babez for Breakfast - Album (2010)
Scarchives Vol.1 - Compilation (2012)
To Beast or Not to Beast - Album (2013)
Scare Force One - Album (2014)
Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) - Album (2016)
Sexorcism - Album (2018)