Long time no see! Long time no listen! The Black Deather from NECROPHOBIC have made themselves quite rare at the BREEZE, but they are finally back on stage for SBOA 2020!

And since the last album of the Swedes is already a few years old, the guys barricaded themselves in the studio at the beginning of the year to finally record new material. So, you can assume that some brand new songs will make their way to the setlist, even if NECROPHOBIC have enough classics to play a two-hour show just with these alone… Well then, we’re looking forward to the show, all Black/Death/Thrasher fans shouldn’t miss this scene veteran either!



The Nocturnal Silence - Album (1993)
The Call - EP (1993)
Spawned By Evil - EP (1996)
Darkside - Album (1997)
The Third Antichrist - Album (1999)
Bloodhymns - Album (2002)
Tour EP 2003 - EP (2003)
Hrimthursum - Album (2006)
Satanic Blasphemies - Compilation (2009)
Death To All - Album (2009)
Womb Of Lilithu - Album (2013)
Pesta - EP (2017)
Mark Of The Necrogram - Album (2018)