Primal Fear

The following gentlemen are always welcome guests at SUMMER BREEZE: PRIMAL FEAR.

For many years now, the southern German metal commando has been delivering first-class heavy metal and has played their way right into the hearts of their fans. Live on stage, Scheepers and Co. are convincing with every single concert- of course, they are well experienced metal veterans, who know exactly what they are doing. We are very happy to welcome the band back after a break in Dinkelsbühl and we are sure that they will get the heavy metal maniacs among you worked up! So don’t miss it!


For Fans Of...


Primal Fear - Album (1998)
Jaws Of Death - Album (1999)
Nuclear Fire - Album (2001)
Horrorscope - EP (2001)
Black Sun - Album (2002)
The History Of Fear - DVD (2003)
Devil's Ground - Album (2004)
Seven Seals - Album (2005)
Metal Is Forever - Compilation (2006)
New Religion - Album (2007)
16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead) - Album (2009)
Live In The USA - Live-Album (2010)
16.6 All Over The World - DVD (2010)
Unbreakable - Album (2012)
Delivering The Black - Album (2014)
Rulebreaker - Album (2016)
Angels of Mercy: Live In Germany - Live-Album (2017)
Best Of Fear - Compilation (2017)
Apocalypse - Album (2018)
The Nuclear Blast Recordings - Compilation (2018)