Saltatio Mortis

Medieval rock and SUMMER BREEZE have constituted an unholy alliance for years now, with the scene leaders visiting Dinkelsbühl year in, year out. One of the genre’s most successful bands is SALTATIO MORTIS, who are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2020!

Since their first show in 2004 (hands up who was there) the band have had a remarkable career – for years SAMO have been at the top of the German charts, selling out bigger and bigger venues on every tour. And this is not just explained with their musical evolution, but also by the fact that SALTATIO MORTIS have been playing their arses off for years, just getting better and better! You can look forward to another time of “Tröten over Dinkelsbühl” and a fireworks display of hits from SALTATIO MORTIS!



Tavernakel - Album (2001)
Das zweite Gesicht - Album (2002)
Heptessenz - Album (2003)
Erwachen - Album (2004)
Manufactum - Live-Album (2005)
Des Königs Henker - Album (2005)
Aus der Asche - Album (2007)
Wer Wind sät - Album (2009)
Manufactum II - Live-Album (2010)
10 Jahre wild und frei - Live-Album (2011)
Sturm aufs Paradies - Album (2011)
Das schwarze IxI - Album (2013)
Provocatio - DVD (2013)
Zirkus Zeitgeist - Album (2015)
Zirkus Zeitgeist - Ohne Strom und Stecker - Album (2015)
Brot und Spiele - Album (2018)