Shadow Of Intent

Symphonic Melodic Deathcore. Is that something you can work with? Then look forward to SHADOW OF INTENT annihilating the stage at the SUMMER BREEZE 2021.

You will also frequently come across the term ‘Halocore’ in connection with the band, which relates to their ‘Halo’-inspired lyrics and their name which is adopted from one of the cargo ships of the game series. Meanwhile, SHADOW OF INTENT have moved on from that thematic concept which increases the lyrical possibilities. But no reason to worry: from a musical perspective, everything stays unchanged: the symphonic Deathcore is stronger than ever and will convince many among you!

For Fans Of...


Inferi Sententia - EP (2014)
Primordial - Album (2016)
Reclaimer - Album (2017)
The Instrumentals - Album (2017)
Melancholy - Album (2019)