Attention. The next confirmation is NOT to be confused with the Norwegian island group Spitzbergen, nor with the Russian Neofolk/Industrial band, as the following group originates from Bristol, UK: SVALBARD.

And the Englishmen have a lot to offer! Late 2019 still on Tour with Victims, these folks could prove that they can captivate the audience not only on their records. ‘In your face’ is the motto of the Englishmen’s program of hard hitting, but also melodic Metal/Hardcore-mix that will blow your minds away. So, check them out if you haven’t heard of them. For us, it was love at the first chord when we initially heard SVALBARD and we hope that you will feel the same. Check them out!!! The album ‘When I Die, Will I Get Better?‘ is definitely worth checking out, so go, go goooo….


For Fans Of...


Svalbard - EP (2012)
Gone Tomorrow - EP (2013)
Flightless Birds - EP (2013)
One Day All This Will End - Album (2015)
It’s Hard To Have Hope - Album (2018)