The Black Dahlia Murder

With ‘Nightbringers’ THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have created a masterpiece that will find its place in the metal history books! One of the most successful Metal Blade bands and one of the hardest touring bands in the business is coming to Dinkelsbühl.

Metal Blade boss Brian Slagel’s music collection consists of close to 10,000 vinyls and 10,000 CDs, and eight records from the Detroit boys are certainly in there too, as band and label have shared a common path since the early 2000s. But SUMMER BREEZE and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are a great match too, because when a band consistently combines high quality and the most brutal sound with such enthusiasm, they have found a home in Dinkelsbühl! Be there when the night descends on SUMMER BREEZE. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER make it possible!



A Cold-Blooded Epitaph - EP (2002)
Unhallowed - Album (2003)EMP
Miasma - Album (2005)EMP
Nocturnal - Album (2007)EMP
Majesty - DVD (2009)EMP
Deflorate - Album (2009)EMP
Ritual - Album (2011)EMP
Everblack - Album (2013)EMP
Fool 'Em All - DVD (2014)EMP
Grind 'Em All - EP (2014)
Abysmal - Album (2015)EMP