Black/deathheads take note: You M.U.S.T. watch this band at SUMMER BREEZE: THRON from the Black Forest!

With their self-titled, self-released debut and their second album ‘Abysmal’, the guys have created a couple of jewels that are in no way inferior to the most stellar moments of Dissection, Naglfar, Unanimated, Necrophobic and company. Brutal, yet always melodic black/death with excellent guitar work and outstanding composition skills are what made THRON’s records stick to the player in our office. Unfortunately they are still unknown to most people – but the gentlemen will hopefully change this when they play the Ficken Party Stage on Wednesday. And they will hopefully return to SUMMER BREEZE many more times, because if they keep killing it with their musical output, there will be no way around them in the future. After The Spirit in 2018, this is the next homegrown black/death metal sensation at SUMMER BREEZE, one which you shouldn’t miss!





Thron - Album (2017)
Abysmal - Album (2018)