Voodoo Kiss

Alright folks, now here comes the announcement of the very band because of which we have a SUMMER BREEZE in the first place! Ladies and gentlemen, VOODOO KISS will perform a few songs to celebrate our anniversary.

As many know, SUMMER BREEZE was started by our boss to give his band VOODOO KISS a proper place to perform. While the festival grew from year to year, the band disappeared completely from the scene. Until August 2022, because the gentlemen have reunited for a short show as part of our anniversary program to close the circle. Of course, the entire BREEZE crew will be there for this show, and we’re sure you won’t miss the secret headliners of the hearts. We expect a full house for VOODOO KISS, as well as cheering, fan chants, diving, mosh pits, costumed people and ecstatic dancers when Achim Ostertag and Co. hit the stage! Do not let us down! Witness this historic gig at SUMMER BREEZE. This is gonna be a party….