The status Tuomas Saukkonen enjoys among the SUMMER BREEZE crowd is quite a phenomenon, but when you listen to his band’s albums it becomes clear why: WOLFHEART play this unbelievably great melodic death metal which only Finnish musicians get absolutely right.

WOLFHEART joined the ranks of the great Finnish melodeath bands long ago, and this success is at least partly thanks to the SUMMER BREEZE audience. It was you who supported and celebrated the band when they were unsigned, which made the media end business people take note of Tuomas and his boys! It is obvious that Tuomas wants to pay you back all this loyalty, support and respect with a new show – including brand new songs from their forthcoming album which is due in the fall. We are lloking forward to WOLFHEART nd their amazing compositions, and we hope you are too!



Winterborn - Album (2013)
Shadow World - Album (2015)
Tyhjyys - Album (2017)