A friendly reminder

As organizers of SUMMER BREEZE, we are passionately committed to an open, diverse and human gathering. Over many years, we have seen that this is precisely the strength of our crew, our team and our community. Visitors, members of our crew and, above all, artists come from all over the world.

Our SUMMER BREEZE is a place where people of different backgrounds and beliefs come together peacefully, shoulder to shoulder, to have a great time. It should only be rough musically and sometimes in the mosh pit. Those who fall are quickly offered a helping hand. That way and no other.

We firmly condemn extremism and ideologies that stand in the way of diversity and respect for human rights. Our aim is to celebrate a festival free from everyday worries, a festival that blows the dust off the soul and makes the ecstatic enjoyment of open-air concerts, campsite parties and lived sisterhood and brotherhood possible.

At SUMMER BREEZE, no one should feel uncomfortable, attacked or discriminated against! We believe in the power of music, art and culture to build bridges and break down barriers. Together, let’s create a community that stands for openness, diversity and humanity and confront those who define their way of life through hate and discrimination.

Those who engage in radical ideas and racism are not welcome at SUMMER BREEZE. People who deny other people their humanity and dignity have no place at SUMMER BREEZE.

We prefer diversity and variety in colors, rhythms and chords. It is part of our festival culture at SUMMER BREEZE that we sometimes disagree on the taste of bands, have lively discussions about our favorite artists and even argue loudly about topics. However, we all agree on one thing: we do not tolerate intolerance.

Here we also count on your help.
If we miss something, we ask you to do the following: Report incidents to our security, the police, our festival hotline or the Infopoint.

Thank you for your attention and attentiveness!