Hello everyone,
We were and still are faced with a task that needs to be solved together. The first steps have been taken and we are continuing to find the best possible solution for everyone. We are taking all your feedback on board and incorporating it.

We have put more vehicle slots for 2024 on sale than 2023 arrived on Tuesday. The picture that is emerging is that too many people have booked too many slots. We have received numerous messages describing exactly that. The run on the early slots is logically higher. Of course, we also want to make it possible for people who have now been left empty-handed to arrive on the early arrival day, but with less waiting time than in the past. Please check again how many people need to be seated in each vehicle to drive to the site on the early arrival day. Please make sure you put any surplus slots on our ticket exchange.

What also helps us now is to determine the exact number of slots needed to try and solve the problem. Please take part in the following survey if you are the person who can make the statement for everyone in your travel group: CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY

Attention: Secondary market sales that aim to make a profit are, if you will pardon the expression, unfair and anti-social and can only be combated by ignoring these offers on your part and canceling them on our part.

Our aim is to get as many people as possible onto the site as quickly as possible. The car factor is what requires a concept for getting there. This year, complicated by major construction sites, it was incredibly important NOT to let the majority of all travelers arrive at the same time as in 2023. We know the result of this from last year. We therefore want to invest a large part of the effort in digital pre-planning.

In 2023, a lot of people wanted to arrive in the morning hours on Tuesday and were then stuck in traffic jams for many hours. This traffic jam spread to the traffic network, which has “less” to do with the direct journey to the festival, and mixed with non-festival traffic, which led to unbearable waiting times for everyone. This must not happen again in 2024.

We have doubled our lock staff for 2024 and increased capacity to process more vehicles even faster. Visitors per se are not a limiting factor, it is the vehicles. In recent years, fewer and fewer people have been sitting in individual vehicles and the demands on the size of the camps have increased. That’s fine, but it has consequences for everyone. With an average of more than 2.5 people per vehicle, we are already getting into a more relaxed range for all processes.

40,000 visitors to the campsite sitting two to a car = 20,000 vehicles
40,000 visitors to the campsite with three people in the car = 13,333 vehicles

At the SUMMER BREEZE, the community plays an incredibly important role and is involved in decision-making. For more complicated problems, we need your cooperation to optimize our festival.

Please check our ticket exchange regularly. We want to bring our community together there to balance out everyone’s needs so that others can also enjoy an early arrival.

We can do it together!