We have worked intensively for months on a comprehensive concept, which is now available to the authorities. Experts have worked with us to develop a concept that is scientifically sound, documented and based on facts. We have explained to the relevant stakeholders in an open letter [GERMAN ONLY] what matters to us: we are convinced that a controllable and safe implementation of SUMMER BREEZE 2021 is realistic!

Our strategy:

  • Close-meshed testing (arrive tested negative, on-site rapid testing, festival operation with testing, retesting before departure).
  • Trained personnel (very high reliability of testing)
  • Clear digital strategy (ticket personalization and risk check in advance, traceability through DSGVO-compliant storage of data, wristband with RFID chip)

You, the fans of the festival, have overwhelmingly agreed, in fact strongly agreed, with your willingness to a close-meshed testing concept, as well as necessary steps via survey. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your cooperation! We now hope for the same cooperation from the authorities and politicians! All steps taken for the SUMMER BREEZE are always aimed at enabling the best scenario for fans and festival and generally all parties involved.

We rely on a variety of tests, direct and clear communication with all parties involved. Guests as well as crew and artists will only enter the site with a negative rapid test or proof of vaccination. We even renew the tests during the stay and do not let any of the visitors go home untested.

The contact of infected and uninfected is the most fundamental problem of the pandemic. We want to reduce this scenario to a minimum with our strategy. You can find a catalog of measures in the detailed PDF [GERMAN ONLY] on the strategy.

Outdoor contagions are very rare. We see with a repeadedly(!) tested audience with negative results the chance to gather a large number of people. Our festival is up to an elaborate, close-meshed testing concept.

We are reaching out for an intensive cooperation with the authorities by handing in our concept now! To remain inactive is not an option for us, now we hope for an answer from politics. As the outcome of this summer is not yet set in stone, we will remain active and flexible, also for necessary adjustments of our infection control strategy!


Dear FANS, please contact us directly if you have any questions:

Significant changes for our festival planning will always be shared with you and updates on the dynamic situation will be published collectively on our homepage.

Dear PRESS REPRESENTATIVES, you can reach us at: