Man, how time flies… After we celebrated our anniversary in 2017, in 2018 our next confirmed band are celebrating their big birthday: CALIBAN turn 20 and are coming to SUMMER BREEZE for this occasion.

But that’s not all, as in March 2018 the metalcore group, who were formed in 1997 under the name Never Again, are releasing a new album as well. So you see, there’s already two good reasons to be happy, and CALIBAN have promised they are going to lay down an amazing birthday show. We believe that without the shadow of a doubt, so put on some fancy clothes and bring a lot of presents!



Caliban - EP (1998)
A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven - Album (1999)
Vent - Album (2001)
Shadow Hearts - Album (2003)
The Opposite From Within - Album (2004)
The Undying Darkness - Album (2006)
The Awakening - Album (2007)
Say Hello To Tragedy - Album (2009)
Coverfield - EP (2011)
I Am Nemesis - Album (2012)
Ghost Empire - Album (2015)
Gravity - Album (2016)