We are very happy to announce another SUMMER BREEZE heavyweight: CALIBAN are coming to Dinkelsbühl – highly motivated and with a whole truckload of new songs!

They will kick your asses one more time, you can toast to that! Whenever the guys have been our guests, they have smashed the stage by every trick in the book. Justifiably so, as we would like to point out. Hordes of crowdsurfers and powerful moshpits have repeatedly turned CALIBAN gigs into real highlights. And the band is looking forward to topping it off in 2022. So do better not miss it!



Caliban - EP (1998)
A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven - Album (1999)
Vent - Album (2001)
Shadow Hearts - Album (2003)
The Opposite From Within - Album (2004)
The Undying Darkness - Album (2006)
The Awakening - Album (2007)
Say Hello To Tragedy - Album (2009)
Coverfield - EP (2011)
I Am Nemesis - Album (2012)
Ghost Empire - Album (2015)
Gravity - Album (2016)