Deserted Fear

Death metal. Old school. Played by handsome young fellows. With a lot of joy and passion. So, does it ring a bell? Of course! We’re talking about DESERTED FEAR!

Even though the band was formed eleven years ago already, for many they still belong to the young savages of the German death metal scene. And deservedly so, as each one of the band’s albums is a killer, and in a live setting no one can steal their show. If you deliver such amazing song material with such tightness and enjoyment, you can easily count yourself among the best of your genre. DESERTED FEAR are coming back to besiege Dinkelsbühl with a new album in 2019 and we couldn’t be happier about it. We hope you are, too!



My Empire - Album (2012)
Kingdom Of Worms - Album (2014)
Dead Shores Rising - Album (2017)
A Morbid Vision - EP (2018)
Drowned By Humanity - Album (2019)