Odin owns ye all! You know what’s up! EINHERJER come sailing from Haugesund to Dinkelsbühl with the purpose of slapping you around the ears with their anthemic nordic coldness.

As you know, the Einherjer were warriors fallen in combat who were summoned to Valhalla in order to support Odin at Ragnarök. Next August these warriors will be on stage in Dinkelsbühl to offer you the battle hymns of their latest full-length ‘Dragons Of The North XX’. The dark, slightly black viking metal, packed full of nordic mythology, should quickly set drinking horn wielding bodies in motion. Make sure you don’t miss the Norwegians’ show – at the end of the day, you don’t get to see EINHERJER on this country’s festival stages very often.



Leve Vikinglanden - EP (1995)
Dragons Of The North - Album (1996)
Far Far North - EP (1997)
Odin Owns Ye All - Album (1998)
Norwegian Native Art - Album (2000)
Blot - Album (2003)
Norron - Album (2011)
Av Oss, For Oss - Album (2014)
Dragons Of The North XX - Album (2016)