At SUMMER BREEZE there’s a handful of bands that are always at the top of the popularity polls, and our next confirmation is one of them: ELUVEITIE!

The Swiss are always in the top ten of your wishlists, no matter if they just played that year or not. The band certainly appreciates your loyalty, and so do we, which is why we have invited ELUVEITIE again for the 2019 edition of SUMMER BREEZE. After last time the Swiss did a double whammy in Dinkelsbühl, we are curious to know what they will think of in 2019… We hope you are, too?!



Spirit - Album (2006)
Slania - Album (2008)
Live @ Metalcamp 2008 - Live-Album (2008)
Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion - Album (2009)
Everything Remains As It Never Was - Album (2010)
The Early Years - Compilation (2012)
Helvetios - Album (2012)
Live On Tour - Live-Album (2012)
Origins - Album (2014)
Live At Feuertanz 2013 - Live-Album (2014)
Evocation II (Pantheon) - Album (2017)