Over the past few years, there certainly have been a couple of whiz-kids who climbed the career ladder, but the band announced here is one of the few that succeeded in creating a massive following outside their comfort zone. Of course, we are talking about no one else than JINJER. The Ukrainians have evolved into a first-rate band by touring tirelessly with various bands, and their fans’ feedback proves them right. That comes at no surprise, as the combo convinces especially live with the release of unrestrained power and highly energetic stage performances. Naturally, this combo is captivating – the outstanding performance of frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk only being the cherry on top of the cake. And so JINJER will be digging up the acre in Dinkelsbühl in summer 2022 and we are sure that the majority of you will be there!



For Fans Of...


Inhale. Do Not Breathe - EP (2012)
Cloud Factory - Album (2014)
King Of Everything - Album (2016)
Macro - Album (2019)

Live @ Summer Breeze