Seasons In Black

We have invited SEASONS IN BLACK to another round in Dinkelsbühl, after the band was a pleasant surprise for many spectators on the Camel Stage in 2018; and additionally, the gentlemen are currently working intensively on new tracks.

And it is really about time to release a new album: after all, SEASONS IN BLACK have released just two albums and one 7″ since their foundation in 1996. But at the SUMMER BREEZE, the highly motivated troupe will have their new silver disc locked and loaded, so that all fans and friends will be able to enjoy new material from this band. Death metal fans, thrashers, as well as goths and black metal fans: see you in front of the stage!

For Fans Of...


Deadtime Stories - Album (2005)
The Swansong Diearies - Album (2013)

Live @ Summer Breeze