The next confirmation is seen as THE hope for Danish Rock-music: SIAMESE.

These fellows put extremely melodic, even pop-like Rock-music into their program – a recipe that is received with enthusiasm among the audience. And now, the Danes are about to conquer Southern Germany, which is why they will be our guests at the SUMMER BREEZE 2022. If you prefer your music catchy, melodic and without hard edges, SIAMESE will be a mandatory act for you. The entire package is wrapped up with a modern touch which is why Rock and Metalcore fans alike could and should end up at their set. Check them out!


For Fans Of...


We Are the Sound - Album (2011)
Breathe:See:Move - Album (2012)
Siamese - Album (2015)
Shameless - Album (2017)
Super Human - Album (2019)