Festival ABC


*This post may contain information that needs to be updated in 2024. Please check our ABC again with enough advance to the festival. Should the updates be fundamental, we will of course report on this in more detail in our news section.*

SUMMER BREEZE is a festival where nobody should feel uneasy, attacked or disciminated against.
Everybody is a part of the festival and respecting others is a priority in our community.

Our awareness team welcomes you 24/7 in their tent.

The team is there for YOU:
If you don’t feel well, if you need a place to rest, if you need to get away from stressful situations ot if you need somebody that listens,…

In our awareness tent, you can recharge, relax and calm down.
You can charge your phone, have some water, sit in the shade and the most important thing: you’ll meet people that are there FOR YOU.

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