The entrance corridors will already open on Tuesday at 10:00 and stay open until 22:00 in the evening. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday it won’t be possible to access the campsite, but on Wednesday we will open at 10:00 again, this time all the way through Sunday. So all those who wish to arrive a day earlier for SUMMER BREEZE may do so during the 12-hour time window on Tuesday. However, we have to charge those arriving early a 10.- Euro contribution towards logistical costs per person, because it wouldn’t be fair that the additional costs (personnel, rent, etc.) are carried by all campers, but only those arriving early. On Sunday, the site has to be cleared by 14:00. The daily parking lot will be open from 09:00. We will put up signs around the entire Dinkelsbühl area to guide you to the campsite, parking lots and festival site!
PLEASE NOTE: Due to traffic restrictions, it will be impossible for you to leave the campground by car once you have entered it, from Tuesday until Thursday afternoon. If needed, the shuttle bus will give you a lift to the city centre of Dinkelsbuehl free of charge.
On Saturday it will not be possible to access the campsite by car from 18:00. People arriving by car after that time will be diverted to the day parking lot.
In case of bad weather we reserve the right to change the access and parking arrangements at our discretion with the purpose of guaranteeing a smooth flow of traffic. Please follow the instructions of our personnel at all times.
Those traveling with public transport will find a PDF document with all relevant information about bus and train timetables to and from Dinkelsbühl HERE.
All those going to SUMMER BREEZE can take a bus shuttle from the main rail stations / airports in Stuttgart or Nuremberg straight to the main entrance of the SUMMER BREEZE Open Air in Dinkelsbühl. To book your tickets or find more info go to You may also purchase tickets for the Mondial buses from the Info Point on Saturday from 13:00 to 15:00, regardless of how you arrived at the festival.
Regarding your arrival/departure from the festival please also check under Car Sharing.

After a few questions have been raised regarding the arrival on Tuesday, we would like to offer our advice.
Access to Green Camping / Reserving camping space / VIP Camping / Camping Area for wheelchair users and disabled people (NOT regular camping) areas will happen according to the instructions and maps attached to the confirmation PDFs. If you don’t have these instructions, please contact the member of your group who made the reservation or requested the accreditation first. If this person does’t have the access PDFs either, please email or
Now on to the most frequently asked questions:
How do I have to book my arrival on Tuesday? I already have my ticket, do I have to book my Tuesday arrival separately? How do I pay the extra 10 Euros?
The money has to be paid on site, there is no need to book anything. You just have to pay the 10 Euros when you pick up your bracelet. However, everybody has to pay, including people accompanying a handicapped person and VIPs.

What happens if I haven’t been able to pass the security corridors by 22:00 on Tuesday? Do I have to wait in the car outside the campsite until 10:00 on Wednesday?
The corridors will be open until 22:00 unless all cars haven’t gone through. We will keep checking in cars until there is no one in line any more…

Do I necessarily have to park close to the infield if I arrive on Tuesday? Or can I set up camp farther away if I want to stay away from the noise and the crowd?
We will proceed exactly the same as last year, which means filling the area in the middle of the campsite first and then the sides.

Will their be camping space close to the infield entrance for those arriving on Wednesday or do they just have to camp on whatever space is left?
We think there will probably still be good spots on Wednesday morning, not least due to the fact that we will fill the campsite in a way that both vehicle entrances can be used on Wednesday too.

Will the portable toilets on the reserved areas be cleaned?
The portable toilets will be emptied on Friday morning (weather allowing!) and can therefore be filled with 2 x 250 litres during the festival days… Furthermore, the reserved toilets will be locked with padlocks to prevent unauthorized use, so those arriving later don’t need to worry.

Will there be food stalls open on Tuesday or is it really just camping without anything else?
There will be stalls open in the supermarket / Ochsenbraterei area, more stalls will be open around the Campsite Circus and the entrance to the concert area.

I “live” in the VIP camp / Green Camp / reserved area / handicapped camp. How do I get there on Tuesday?
Access to the above mentioned areas will happen according to the instructions and maps attached to the confirmation PDFs. If you don’t have these instructions, please contact the member of your group who made the reservation or requested the accreditation first. If this person does’t have the access PDFs either, please email or

It’s obvious that everybody wants to get the best possible spot on the campsite, but this is just not possible, no matter if we open Tuesday or Wednesday, due to the nature of the operation. It is our goal to live up to everybody’s expectations and to check in over 30,000 people without waiting time and with limited infrastructure (streets, etc.), but it’s not always doable…



We are constantly trying to improve the service for our disabled visitors in order to make the festival as comfortable and barrier-free as possible for them.
Seriously disabled visitors with a G (significant walking disability), AG (exceptional walking disability), B (need of constant care), H (helplessness) or BL (blindness) in their handicapped ID will receive a free ticket for their accompanying person at the VIP Container. It’s important that disabled visitors present a valid ticket as well as their handicapped ID with one of the aforementioned marks.
As in the last few years, there is going to be a special platform incl. wheelchair accessible toilet for wheelchair users at the open-air stages.

Please click here for information about camping spaces for disabled people!


This year the free bus shuttle service between the festival site and the town of Dinkelsbühl will operate at the following times:
Tuesday: 10:00 to 20:00 – Stops: Schiesswasen and ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese
(Return trips from Dinkelsbühl are possible until 22:00)
Wednesday: 10:00 to 20:00 – Stops: Schiesswasen and ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese
Thursday – Saturday: 08:00 to 20:00 – Stop: ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese
Sunday: 07:00 to 14:00 – Stops: Schiesswasen and ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese


There will be enough parking and camping space available. You may park your car right next to your tent. Camping is not permitted without the purchase of a festival ticket. Therefore, please make use of the official parking and camping areas.
The daily parking area can be found just across the street of the campsite entrance. You may also park your car in that area while camping on the campsite separately, but wish to make sure you can move your car at any time.
Only vehicles with a weight not exceeding 3.5 tons will have access to the campground. This also applies to caravans and mobile homes. Trailers which can only be towed by a tractor or lorry will not be allowed on the campsite. The same goes for tractors and generally all motorized two wheel vehicles as well as quad bikes, trikes are allowed.

Trailers and campers shall not bring gas cylinders exceeding 11kg. Please make sure your equipment is in good working condition and that you use it in an appropriate way. Any misuse may have fatal consequences. We believe this needs no further explanation.

If you plan on taking a generator with you onto the site, please make sure it is in good working condition and that it is not leaking oil or fuel. A maximum of 20 litres of fuel in an appropriate canister are allowed per vehicle. We trust you will handle this matter in an appropriate way and that it needs no further explanation or discussion. From 1 a.m., all aggregates need to be turned off for nighttime peace.

Camping outside the official camping area is prohibited. Doing so will be fined!


Since the saving of camping space has worked pretty well so far, with very few exceptions, we will keep the system and offer it from Tuesday already. This way we give you the chance to save space for your friends arriving later on a special part of the campsite. This will be to the right when entering the site from Black Earth, behind the forest, and there will be noticeably more room for this purpose.
However, the surface is obviously limited, which means you won’t be able to save the space forever, as when the room starts to run out we will be forced to start “filling the holes”.
So if you are arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday with various vehicles at different times or if your group gets split at the entrance, you can meet again behind the forest, to the right from Black Earth.
In this case you have to download the “saving space” sheet for your car HERE and place it at a viible spot behind your windscreen (the original A4 format is ideal, because it’s the most visible, but if you print it out smaller or larger it is valid, too). This way the parking stewards on the campsite will know where they have to send you:

– White sheet with a big F for “Freihalten von Campingflächen” (saving camping space) = drive to the area reserved for this purpose on the right side of the campsite, behind the forest.

Please follow the instructions of our personnel, so the filling of the saved space hopefully works quickly and without problems.

Ideally you should always keep right with your group when arriving (even before the security corridors); try to use the corridors on the right as well, and stay right when driving onto the campsite. (Our tip: Meet at a parking on the Autobahn before the exit to Dinkelsbühl and then drive together as far as possible.)

Additional advice for drivers of large vehicles (e.g. mobile homes) or cars with trailers (including caravans):
Please also try to keep right, as the corridors on the far right are wider and will be easier for you to pass through.
Motorcyclists are also asked to use the corridors on the right, as they are closer to the motorcycle parking lot.


Unfortunately, some of the festival visitors’ careless behaviour forces us to strictly prohibit any glass on the festival site and on the camping grounds. We will strictly check each car entering the site. Our security will also check the camping grounds during the festival days. Please have understanding and avoid bringing any kind of glass containers.
This includes all food and drink containers made of glass, regardless of the use they are given (e.g. tobacco in a preserving jar). Due to the high accident and fire hazard, oil (kerosene/paraffin) lamps are prohibited too! Perfume flacons, medicine bottles and shishas are allowed.
Best thing to do is to pour all liquids into plastic containers. Please take this issue seriously – otherwise we will face massive problems in getting access to appropriate camping grounds in the future!


In order to park a motor vehicle on the campsite, a parking ticket must be purchased per vehicle. This ticket is only sold on site. The price for a parking ticket is € 10.- per vehicle.
There is also a charge to park on a separate day parking lot.
The above applies to all motor vehicles with an internal combustion engine (i.e. cars, motorcycles, caravans, etc.).
Those arriving on Tuesday must pay an extra 10 Euro contribution towards logistical costs per person. You can purchase your parking tickets from our parking ticket sales team, who will be located between the festival bracelet collection point and the security control corridors. That means, first you go to exchange your ticket for a festival bracelet and then you buy the parking ticket for your vehicle at the entrance to the security control corridors.


For those of you wishing to take a taxi, there will again be a taxi rank. It will be located opposite the security corridors on Black Earth. Please do only take those taxis or wait there until one arrives. Please ignore the taxis on the road as they don’t observe the rules, disrupting the traffic and putting your security at risk. The drivers who use the taxi rank on Black Earth and observe the rules should be rewarded for it


The VIP ticket container is located outside the festival site at the football field in Sinbronn, opposite the petrol station. All accreditations, guest lists and passes for bands, traders, members of staff, etc. have to be picked up from here. Those persons accompanying our disabled friends will also receive their free ticket there upon presentation of the handicapped ID of the person they are accompanying.
Opening hours of accreditation / VIP container:

Tue 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM
Wed 08:00 AM – 22:00 PM
Thu 08:00 AM – 22:00 PM
Fri 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM
Sat 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM
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