Amon Amarth

If there has been a band in the past few years that has been at the top of your wish lists, it’s AMON AMARTH. Year after year, no matter if they had just performed or not!

And it’s well deserved, as we’d like to note; after all, the Swedes have had an incredibly steep career without having ever been given anything for free. AMON AMARTH are some of the few big and well-known metal bands who have earned their status through hard work and playing at every corner! Also, the SUMMER BREEZE had a special part in this success, so we’re very happy that the Vikings haven’t forgotten us and will come to Dinkelsbühl for a headliner show in 2021! Look forward to a gigantic show and hits from the barrel! We are sure to make most of you happy with this commitment! And of course, we ourselves, but that’s only on the side…


For Fans Of...


Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds - EP (1996)
Once Sent From The Golden Hall - Album (1998)
The Avenger - Album (1999)
The Crusher - Album (2001)
Versus The World - Album (2002)
Fate Of Norns - Album (2004)
With Oden On Our Side - Album (2006)
Wrath Of The Norsemen - DVD (2006)
Twilight Of The Thunder God - Album (2008)
Surtur Rising - Album (2011)
Under The Influence - EP (2013)
Deceiver Of The Gods - Album (2013)
Jomsviking - Album (2016)
The Pursuit Of Vikings (25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm) - DVD (2018)
Berserker - Album (2019)